Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Sweet Hunt!

So, I am quite obsessed with sugary sweet treats in SL. Anything having to do with food actually. And if it is wearable, animated, or furniture, I am even more into it. So one day someone told me about a place called Spoonful of Sugar, and I checked it out. It's awesome! They have food related goodies galore. I joined the group and last night I got a notice about a hunt! Yes! A hunt! The hunt is located HERE. You are looking for pumpkins. They are filled with jewelry and food stuffs goodness. I totally suck at hunts. And I really want to find the items here. I found three so far, and the prizes are pretty cute!I won't be giving out slurls for the hunt or anything because I don't want to get banned from places! But if you are cool, and I see you hunting around, I will probably give you a hint or two. I stress cool. No jerks allowed! And if you see me hunting around and think I'm kinda cool...well, I hope you have a hint for me too. Loves you!

P.S.- This hunt covers 2 whole sims and there are only 11 pumpkins....it ain't easy!

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Juls Rosca said...

*giggling* hey with enough searching you may even get a hint from ME!!!! mowahahahhaa

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