Sunday, October 12, 2008

Omfg! Again!

Take that you blasted lucky chair! As some of you know, a few days ago I spent a disgusting amount of time at [OMFG] to get a certain item from their lucky chairs. Well, besides my ability to wear it, here is the proof. That, and it was just to the point where I HAD to take a picture.But the lucky chairs have a lot of stuff in them. Mostly accessories, goggles, hats, horns,and a couple of weapons. Here are a couple of the other things I won in my wait for Zebe's hat.
Kabu Kabu Spiku - Lucky Chair

There is also a hunt on at [OMFG]. You're looking for little silvery lunar rocks. As far as I know there are seven and they are all on Deck A. They aren't horribly difficult to find, as a start, I'll tell you there is one on the roof of the building the lucky chairs are by. Here are some of the prizes.

Empress hair - [OMFG] hunt
Staff of Windaga - [OMFG] hunt
Pandora's Grimoir -[OMFG] hunt

I'm not sure when the hunt ends, but I checked to make sure the rocks were still hiding before I posted, so get on it girls, and have fun!

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