Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weeee love soul is fun!

I never realized how desperately a girl needs prim nails before I owned a pair. I am a shameless devotee to Love Soul and always relish freebies, lucky chairs and anything else given away by the store. Last night I was going through my inventory and found the LS Fashion catalog in my inventory that I hadn't gone through yet. What I found with is was a little gift coupon along with it! Obviously, I ran as fast as my little prim toes could take me to cash in. What did I find when I arrived? A couple of new Lucky Chairs! xO
First up we have a new pair of Love Soul heels in purple and covered in the cutest little halloween denizens. Little ghosts and pumpkins on an adorable bow, but the killer with these shoes is the ghosties clinging to the back of each heel. Ugh, can you say cute? This is why I die for Love Soul. The chair for the shoes is right next to the nails chair at the entrance to Love Soul.
Next up, over across the street at the mini mall, we have ANOTHER lucky chair that kept spitting W's out like it was the only letter in the alphabet. This chair is giving away yet another obnoxiously cute floaty object. You have to love the batty pumpkin. Love it.
I had to drop everything for the lucky chairs, that's just how I am. Finally when I got my heels I was able to escape and inspect the gifts from the LS Fashion Catalog. This is a little more tricky than it probably should be, but not hard or anything. To get your catalog you need to first go over to the mini mall across the street and click the little board that has the LS Fashion Catalog on it. Unpack it, look at the pretties in the book and then take your coupon, equipped, back into the Love Soul building. On the left wall next to the door by the computers is another poster for the LS Fashion Catalog. MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING THE COUPON. Now click the poster, and the freebies are alllll yours.

What are the freebies you ask? Well, the pink and black nails at the top of this post are included. I spent weeks trying to figure out where to get them, I had the white and black, the blue and black and I couldn't believe there wasn't a pink and black, but there is! In the freebie pack. Other lovelies include this gorgeous La Dama dress below

Here we have a tank from [Parallel Love] you get it in navy blue and red, and then pants from Meriken Co. that have some gorgeous details, like satin trimmed cuffs. So cute.

Again the Meriken Co. pants with a gingham babydoll from PUNPY* and of course the Love Soul heels from the lucky chair. The pose is also a gift from the magazine, it's by [Y.M.X.]

Now for the scene stealer. This gorgeous necklace is from Fairytale, from the corsage detail to the cameo pendant I can't get over how pretty this necklace is, let alone the fact that it is free. Amazing <3
There are also gifts from Useless children, Oberon's trick and a few others. It's totally worth checking out, so much cute ish to be had. Finally before you leave Nanba, check out the boxes next to the computers in the Love Soul store, you'll get this free ring along with a couple of other fun freebies. So much love from Love Soul, you gotta love them back.

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