Friday, October 17, 2008

Katat0nik pretties & Contest!

I *hope* you are in the Katat0nik group. Really, I do. Why? Well, this morning an announcement went out. Group members get to take part in a sale for her newest unreleased dress, and it's adorable. It's 100L and there are 19 colors to choose from! This is a discounted price for group members, and will be available until November 2nd. After November 2nd the dress will be released to the public at a higher price.

Striped Dolly dress, Blue/Teal - 100L for group memebers

So you aren't in the Katat0nik group? Worry not! It's not open enrollment, but with a purchase of 250L in her store, you'll automatically get a group invite. She generally only sends out invites once a week, so don't stress if you aren't seeing your group invite right away, she will get to you. When you join the group check the notices for the note about the striped dolly dress to get the link to te secret sale area.

Striped Dolly dress, Pink/DK Pink - 100L for group memebers

So, on top of all that, she's running a contest right now. She wants you to take pictures in the new dress to put up for the advert in the store. There are guidelines, and I'll detail them below-

***What I am looking for in this contest is good pics of you in the dress, with a plain gray background. Do not wear extra clothing items that are not included in this dress set (gloves, belts, hats, stockings, etc.) Tattoos & piercings are ok. Do not wear necklaces, as they will cover the dress chest. Other jewelry & accessories are ok as long as they are not too distracting. You can enter as many times as you want, wearing as many colors of the dress as you want. There will be one winner for each color of dress (19 winners total.) You can win multiple times. Make sure you follow the guidelines below or your pic may be disqualified!

Winners will receive a $1,000 *katat0nik* Store Card for each pic of theirs that is chosen for the ad. This store card can be used at all of my main shops, including *katat0nik*, Stomp Lightly, Numen Tattoos, and Skins of Delphi.

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sileny said...

Holy Crap! I already paid for the Tuli group and the love Soul group this week...Katat0nik group here i come too hahaha.