Saturday, October 25, 2008

Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate, other than being a slightly strange name, is a shop on Uemachi, a Japanese sim. So you can forgive the owner for not knowing the connotations the name holds in North America. Regardless, there are a pile of awesome skins and hair for extra cheap, and in a lot of cases for FREE.
This is the Ronja hair, you can get it in a bunch of different colors, and best of all, totally free!
On the wall is a vendor with nine different skins, all of them are free! Lots of fun different styles and skin tones. This set is the Yuko Make POP! set which is a sign right next to the big vendor, and this set is free as well, it comes with three different versions, they are ugh so cute I can hardly stand it >< Yuko Make POP set - 0L
Yuko Make POP set - 0L

There is even stuff for the boys! It makes me so happy to see boy stuff, and it's nice boy stuff too, shapes and skins. Skinny and built, none of them to freakishly huge, check them out!

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