Saturday, October 11, 2008

You're S.I.C.!

Sick is probably one of the most beautiful sims on the grid. It's a Japanese sim that is the set for a movie, and has all kinds of dystopian, cyberpunk goodness. It gets me all excited inside just thinking about it. Well, all my cyberpunk darlings, S.I.C. IS HOSTING A HUNT! This isn't following the norm of all the other japanese sim hunts recently that've made our hearts hurt, oh no, this hunt is... fantastic. Land in front of the weapons store and click the sign to get the hud. There is an english explanation right next to the japanese, just smaller. Attach and start looking for databoxes. They look like this.

There will be a note card with hints as to where items are, and there are English translations. MK Curtiz takes care of his cyberpunk bebes. Once you get all of the data boxes, you have to find the computer. There is no hint for the computer, but just look around the main sim, it will become evident soon. It's NOT easy, but it's not mindnumbingly difficult either. The sim is gorgeous and getting to explore it is a prize in an of itself, but, if you really must know, check this baby out.

Isn't he pretty? All KINDS of havok can be wreaked with this baby. It has a machine gun and missles, and you can fight your friends with it as it has a damage counter too. Head to your closest race track and get ready for some to the DEATH racing. Awww jeah >< . You and your bestest of best friends can also ride together, just like my favorite Trey and I did before we rolled out to cause trouble on the sim I live in >:D. Get to it babies, I demand we have a huge death race soon!

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