Friday, October 24, 2008

Fnordian Furniture graveyard

My friend Moon is hosting her first graveyard and is totally nervous about it. You should go visit and give her some love for being nice enough to host these events for us ^^

Hallowe'en has come to Fnordian afraid, be very afraid!

Spooks abound and so do scary prizes in our creepy graveyard, outside and the store.

(Turn right and straight past the spiral stairway out the side door to reach the graveyard.)

~ Sit on the Unlucky Chair for a nasty surprize!
~ Bob for apples and some prizes too!
~ Grab a copy of the free spider in his web!
~ Hunt for your lucky letter lantern inside the store!

Also, inside the store you'll find:

~ Three regular Lucky Chairs!
~ Guess & Win game!
~ Lucky Fortune machine!
~ Whats in the Box?
~ Puzzle Grid!
~ Lucky Prize Pyramid!
~ Midnight Mania!

And be sure to check out the Fnordian-Moon Labyrinth, complete with Treasure Hunt and underground tunnels!

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