Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cutting CLass Never Did Any Good!

...Until Now! On the Pulse SIM (where Sn@tch is located) you can find a super creepy haunted house filled with puzzles and prizes. Beware, it is REALLY spooky and not for those with queasy tummies.

Here are some of the lovely prizes to be had:

Above is the AWESOME outfit by Illuminati. It comes with the full outfit (which is really well made and super fab), regular and prim eyes, ears, AND a tail. So cool!
And above are the striped leggings, coffin purse and bra top from Sn@tch. Loooove them. The belt is also free in the Sn@tch store for the time being.These globe treading shoes are by Illuminati. You have to check out the detail up close, so go do the hunt!

There are many more prizes to be found so have at it!

Pulse SIM:

Halloween hair by ::69:: (20 minute item camp)

Pancake couch by SOAP 8/160/126/32 (lucky chair prize)

Black and Tan short hair is a group gift from Deja Vu

SHape and SKin by...ME!

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