Saturday, October 18, 2008


I know you've heard about the hunt at Retrology, maybe you haven't done it yet. It's understandable, there has been a lot of buzz, a lot of people. It's worth it, the sim is huge, and there is a lot to be found, but thankfully there is so much to be found that is *worthwhile*. One great prize after another. I can't take pictures of *everything* so I took two pictures of some of my favorite prizes.

This is the offering from Violet Voltaire, it looks *amazing* with ~MoMo~'s Negative Death Berry dress. It's what I've been running around in since yesterday if you've seen me. No lack of quality in the piece, it's gorgeous.

This is just *ONE* of the presents from Savvy? They literally PILE lovely presents on you. It's almost out of line. You're looking for tiny little pumpkins that are ALL over the sim. There are a LOT of them. This is not "find twelve over fifty sims" this is more like find 50 over one sim. There are tricks and PLENTY of treats to be had, including lovelies from Icing and Elate!. So get over going and get over to the Retrology sim, and get hunting!

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