Saturday, October 4, 2008

mmm Corsetry

I'm a whore for corsets, I own so many it's probably a bit ridiculous, you know what else is fun? Corsetr piercings. Mmmm. Frick! has a new lucky chair, with a special edition Halloween Corset piercing. It comes in both hourglass, and straight styles, tied and untied. That's a lot of variation, but it also comes with undershirt, shirt and jacket options for each style.

On top of that, she's got a sale going on with all of her corsetry piercings, 75L instead of 99L each, and the fatpack is 8 colors for 400L instead of 500L. I don't know when this sale ends, so get your booty over to Frick!, these piercings are gorgeous.

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