Friday, October 24, 2008

Don't forget about the Winterfell hunt!

Yes, I know, there are SO many hunts going on, and with the Vain hunt starting in ten minutes I know we are all a bit stressed and stretched thin by all this work. I have to tell you though, that the Winterfell hunt is totally beautiful and worthwhile. Lots of pretties to be had, especially the gorgeous stuff Star at Wretched Dollies has put up for the hunt. Here is just a bit of what you can get.
Abeyance Dress - Winterfell Hunt

This is a multi sim hunt with clues as to where the next pumpkin is, and they aren't difficult. The most intensive part of the hunt is the beginning where there are 17 pumpkins to be had in one area, the rest of the sims have around 4 with very clear hints as to where the next pumpkin is. I know I was sent about three or four hunt kits for the Winterfell hunt from the various groups I'm in, but if you didn't get one there will be one at the start, here. Click on the sign and get the contents and be off!

IMPORTANT : In the first sim there is only one clue as all of the pumpkins are hiding in the courtyard of the shopping area. After leaving there you have to follow the clues. Once you find the first pumpkin and get it's prize, you MUST click on the *STEM* of the pumpkin to get the next clue. If you aren't zoomed in enough it can take a few tries, but they are there, I promise you.

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