Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two Quick Things Before Sleepies

Ok, time for bed in Sileny's house! But first, a few good finds:Get this baby by going to three different Lo*MoMo (Geez I hope I spelled that right) stores. One store has the shirt, another the skirt, etc. Just click the sign and buy each piece for 0L. You can go here first:

(Yeah, I still haven't figured out html well enough to do one of those direct link thingamabobs)

The boots are a past freebie from katat0nik, some colors still available at the shop for I believe 1L:

Hair is at Savior Hair in the Hairspray 2 SIM currently and is by C+C :

Skin is a group gift from Sky Walker
And then for a bit of humor and darkness rolled into one, I found the above Halloween costume at Angel's Designs (which has a midnight mania board as well, and maybe even a hunt...I have yet to investigate that)and the skin is a freebie from Den Dou, previously blogged by Wrenja. I think I look pretty sexy compared to Noob over on the right. Mwa ha ha!

Angel's Designs:

Den Dou:

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