Monday, October 13, 2008

batty batty 2 by 4

I'm sure just about everyone has been to Eolande's at some point. No where else, that I know of at least, has such a complete collection of jewelry where anyone can find something they absolutely love. Eolande has such dedication to providing options to her customers its something to be admired and appreciated, so appreciate it. Not only is she dedicated to providing options, she's dedicated to taking care of her customers which, as I've mentioned in the past, equals HUGE brownie points with me. Today I stopped over at Eolande's and was surprised to see a halloween wonderland of prizes and freebies. It took me most of the day, but I'm here to say I have... well, just about everything. I have everything I want at least.

Did you know that Eolande has picks prizes? Well, she does, and you also get a gift just for JOINING the picks group. Its not a group group, just a subscribo. This month's present is... well, its like Eolande was trying *specifically* to make me happy. Why? Well, it's a bat necklace, and bats just happen to be my favorite animal in the whole wide world.
The present for joining the picks subscribo is a really neat sort of bindi set. It's color change and totally pretty. How many places give you a present just for showing interest in doing a monthly picks sort of thing?
So I mentioned the Halloween Wonderland, yep. Three lucky chairs, a lucky fortunes machine, apple bobbing AND lucky lanterns all over the store. Two of the three chairs hold these absolutely stunning cross bracelets. I have an absolute obsession with crosses, the more the better, and if they are well done, well I'm hooked.
They come in Silver, Aurora Borealis, Gun Metal and gold. On top of that, the gem in the middle? Yep, it's color change as well. So if you love the gunmetal, but aren't sure you can deal with more of the same old red and black goth cliche, well you don't have to, change the color!
In the evening I was graced with the presence of my newest team acquisition, Sileny, she was excited about all of these new pretties as I was, and much squeeing ensued. Next thing you know, we are in the presence of Eolande herself, and she's treating us to a sneak peak of some of her newest creations coming out. To be specific, that would be a cross necklace to match the beautiful cross bracelets in the lucky chairs. She let me know that they would be available in both men's and women's styles and of course, the gem in the middle is color change. They are most likely going to cost about 150L, but she wasn't completely solid on the price just yet, so don't hold me to it. Most importantly, they will be coming out next week ^^
Oh yes, there is one thing I forgot. Eolande's is heading the trend bandwagon and has a midnight madness board now too! Ugh, I don't think there is anything better than midnight madness. I love it, and I love the present I received from from it. These beautiful bangles. You get a set, one for your left hand and one for your right hand, get over and lock that board down!
But that's not all. Oh no, I haven't even talked about the lucky lanterns, apple bobbing OR the lucky fortunes machine. The lucky lanterns and the apple bobbing both contain pieces of the Orange Dead Bunnies set, which is so ridiculously cute I can't stand it. It's never been so fashionable to wear dead bunnies, I swear. There are three different pieces to collect. Bracelet, Belt and the Necklace and Earring set.
If you're really feeling lucky hit up the lucky fortunes booth to get the whole set in purple. No piecing together here, if you have a 100% match, you get the whole set, and it's purple. So cute >< Finally in the third lucky chair, is a special little bracelet that kind of creeps me out. Its dedicated to everyone's favorite (or... not so favorite) eight legged friend. The spiders come in Gold, Silver, Aurora Borealis and Gun Metal and, indeed, the little gems are color change! It's obviously a little harder to get considering there is only one chair with this bracelet in it, but unlike Love Soul and [OMFG], Eolande lets us have wildcard rounds. There is nothing like sitting for hours at a chair without wildcards to really feel thankful for the chairs that do.
You think I'm done? Hah! I'm not done, Eolande isn't letting me go until I'm absolutely leaden with her product. Finally she has a regular Eolande group subscrib-o-matic, and guess what, more presents. Eolande loves you and wants you to be happy. Boy am I. I think I'm going to fall over now. Really. Thank you Eolande for being so generous, so few are, and its important to thank the ones that are!


Anonymous said...

geez i'm blushing to the point i think i'm going to burn my bangs off. thanks for the shower (rather, downpour) of compliments. it's really fun to make cool stuff to give to ya'll!

sileny said...

I wish I would have known how cool Eolande was before because I would have been hanging out there sooner! I'm sick of stuffy store owners that make shoppers feel uncomfortable. Eolande was just as excited about her creations as the rest of us, and that is the real sign of quality goods, as well as a cool person!