Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mummy's Little Monster

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Reasonable Desires (I even work there now!) and how hard I have been working on the Trick or Treat fair. Now my time has come! Mwa ha ha!

In the above photo are the mummy wraps by Reasonable Desires, which are only 5L! For the moment, they are only available at the main store, but as of tomorrow (yes tomorrow!) they will also be available at the fair! Along with well over 50 additional 5L items from as many more vendors!I'm not disclosing the exact tp spot quite yet (tps are closed off, you could not get in even if you tried) but believe me, you are going to want to go as soon as it is open. The SIM itself looks amazing, and all the creations the designers have put out have gone above and beyond any expectations.

Oh! And if fabulous shopping, great scenery, and 5L items doesn't make you want to come, then note that all the 5L's from the items goes to UNICEF, so you'll even be helping charity.

Show up and make my months of hard work worth it!

Hair by BP*, 100L

Skin by Chai, previous group gift, no longer available

Eyes by Nomine, previous subscribo gift

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