Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I guarantee you've seen me running around in PERTURB/ation. Whether it be a skirt, or jewelry, I own so much from this store it is probably out of line. Their main store is beautiful, and better yet, has some fantastic freebies! These adorable little ear muffs head off the bunch. Perfect for the cooling weather we're experiencing up here in the northern hemisphere, and it comes in different wearing styles, around the neck, on the ears, etc.
You can never have too many cute little top hats, and PERTURB/ation has three different styles *for free*! Black with plaid trim, Plaid with black trim and then black with black lacy trim. All are gorgeous, and carry the same quality all of the stuff in this store has.
The main store is still relatively new, and there is a special store opening gift with all of the other freebies. It's this pretty necklace, and it comes in a style for both women and males, which is awesome, it's hard for guys to find nice jewelry to begin with, but PERTURB/ation has got you covered.
This is the scene stealer, and stands among the rare super amazing freebies. It's so rare you see a kimono this gorgeous. In true PERTURB/ation style, it's capable of being spooky goth, but still totally elegant at the same time, so you don't have to be rockin the crazy pale skin I love to look totally pretty. The cross detail on the Obi just kills me, I love it so much.
From the store entrance go to the left, these lovelies will be against the front wall. There are a few more freebies than what I've shown here, so go crazy. This stuff is so gorgeous, it'll be hard to leave without buying something, I'm struggling to not buy anything right now. Evil PURTUB/ation, evil.

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sileny said...

OMG...how have I never been there??