Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jabberwocky hunt coming up!

This will start: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22nd and will end SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25th!!!

Halloween has FINALLY hit Jabberwocky!

The Great Pumpkin has hidden 25 little orange bags with black bows ALL OVER the mall! They are filled with freebies ranging from T-Shirts and Mome Raths to a FULL bedroom set!


There is ONE - and I mean **ONE** TINY Black Bag with an orange stripey bow SOMEWHERE in Jabberwocky!!

This wee bag is the most special - there is ONLY ONE OF THEM. If you find it....you must first BUY it and then **immediately take it**!!

If you find, buy then TAKE the bag - you need to follow the instructions inside of it and CLAIM $2000L!!!!!

That's right!! That teeny little bag is worth TWO THOUSAND LINDENS, payable upon completion of the Notecard Instructions INSIDE IT!!

ONCE THE BLACK BAG IS CLAIMED - I will place a sign out to let people know, *however*, more black bags might sneak out, though not for as much as the first one.

Good Luck!!

If you have any questions, please IM Ona Ra!!

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