Monday, October 20, 2008

Mmmm Wretched Dollies at the Winferfell hunt

got a note this morning, if you've never experienced Wretched Dollies you'll get to soon, starting on the 23rd Winterfell is hosting a hunt, and Star will be providing a couple of lovelies (including a skin, a dress, and some other fun things!) that she was hinting at in chat after the note went out. Be ready, because I will be there, and you totally should be too.

You are invited to visit Winterfell - the beloved gothic fantasy region inspired by the magnificence of medieval castles and the romantic elegance of Victorian manors basking in the splendor of twilight, mists, and dreams. Come wander our lands where time stands still to search for special treasure filled pumpkins.

Times & Dates:

Starting 6 am October 23 slt
Ending 12 am October 25 slt

Festivities begin at Winterfell Taure En Lore

Multi-sim pumpkin hunt including some of Winterfell's finest sims!

Clues will be provided!

Great Prizes! Great Fun!

Visit Winterfell aetherically at

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