Saturday, October 25, 2008

mmmm Inari

I stumbled upon *Inari* yesterday heeding the call of a lucky chair, and found myself in a wonderland of cute, littered with lucky chairs and some really adorable freebies. The store has three lucky chairs, and about five little boxes of free stuff for you!
I know it's getting to be colder, but these floaties are sooooo cute, and free! The set coems with four different colors, including black for those of you who have to be depressingly spooky, even while swimming.
Both this T-shirt and the skirt are freebies as well, the shirt comes in a set of three, and the skirt is only in this color, but the quality is really really nice, especially since it's free!
I got this bracelet from one of the lucky... stumps, since that is what they actually are, little tree stumps. Lots of cute things in them too. The store has a lot of really cute stuff for sale, and it's really affordable, which is awesome. Definitely check *Inari* out!

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