Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Love Soul / Copain

So a few days ago I mentioned the Love Soul Picks prize, but I stopped by yesterday and noticed there is another present packed in with the nails, it's a cute little ring! So if you haven't already, go grab it! The real reason I was at Love Soul was because I joined their group *+Copain+* which is a collaboration between Love Soul, Junwave, Cassis Rose and PRAY. It's 200L to join, but every month you get a goodie pack with all kinds of fun presents, and then they give out little things occasionally throughout the month. These are some of the cute things you can get this month!
Love Soul Room Wear Pink - Copain Group Gift

Once you join the group head on over to Love Soul and you'll find the group gifts on a table inbetween Love Soul and Junwave. Just click and grab, and revel in the pretties!


Bradley said...

Hey Sexy! I fucking love those orange heels. If that isn't sexy then I'll lay a phonebook on whoever says it isn't and punch the shit out of them until they change their mind.

Wrenja said...

Oh Bradly how I <3 thee