Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Vs. Godzilla

You did the Lemania hunt, and got all of the halloween freebies, you didn't think it could get much better did you? Well, Nix Sands at Xcentricity just threw down the freebie gauntlet challenging any to match the straight up *awesome* that this newest freebie is. There is a special pair of D'Fly heels in candy corn orange especially for Halloween and I dare you to not drool, really.

Candy Corn D'Fly heel -Free!

They come with a pixie dust effect that is so cute, but if you aren't in the mood you can easily turn it off by clicking the back wings, but c'mon when you're wearing shoes this fun, you can't NOT have the pixie dust on. I know you won't be able to get enough of these shoes, and lucky for you Nix's shop has plenty of other colors with even more coming. They retail at 275L and are totally reasonable when you look at all of the details these shoes have, they are straight up beautiful. So girls (and boys), time to beat a path to Xcentricity and stand in awe of these shoes!

Eggshell D'Fly Heels - 275L

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