Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Floofers!

I love Bishwear. How can I not? Big hair is my true passion. And you know what else I love? Sales. So, Bishwear having a sale is like...YAAAAY!

And yes, Bishwear is having a sale. 40% off on all the items not in the scripted vendors. That takes the prices down to 111L on most of them, and on some it gets down to 390L for a fatpack. Yes..less than 400L for a Bishwear fatpack. So cool!
This is my fave find, so curly and floofy and poofy and made of pure joy and magic.

And this bad boy is great too! Bishwear doesn't only do big poofers, they also do sleek, short, straight, updos, etc. Do not miss this sale! It only goes until 11 am SL time on 10-30-08!!! Run!

Dress in from Reasoable Desires

Skin previous group gift from Chai, no longer available

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