Monday, October 6, 2008


Sorry about yesterday's silence. I spent most of the morning fighting with SL to keep a decent connection and by the time I was able to get one, I was just not in the mood. Anyway, first post for today....

I'm still not even sure how I found !Mingo! but I'm totally glad I did. The name is a combination of ringo and mikan, so an orange apple, and yes, it is Japanese. It follows the trend of so many other Japanese shops, you know, not gouging the customer. As a matter of fact I'm not sure there isn't much in the store over 100L. They have a couple of snuggly panda camps and a freebie sexy student outfit, but considering so much is 50L or less, it behooves you to check the store out anyway. I love it ><
pink kimono set-30 minute camp

hair-20 minute camp

Super booby sailor suit - Free

The freebie sailor suit comes in four colors, and with some really silly prim nips. Perfect for if you want to fight for justice in the sexiest way possible.

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