Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Sparrow

Hya just put a new set in her Lucky Chair at ~Silent Sparrow~, and being among the first to get the outfit, I decided to blog it since... well, I'll be among the first to do so :D Anyway, this set is amazing! There is so much detail from big shiny buckles to awesome stockings with clockwork gears on them. Best part is it is unisex, there are specially sized pieces for men, and a lot of different options. 17 pieces in all, long pants and shorts, I *love* this set. I took a couple of pictures and couldn't decide which I liked more, so you get to see both!

Good luck to everyone camping the chair! I hope you're as lucky as I was! It looks amazing with my Wretched Dollies skin you can get in the Winterfell hunt I posted about yesterday. The hair is from Eat Rice! which has a 50% off sale on until tomorrow!

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