Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're gonna give 'em hell

Who could hate the innocent, mystical Unicorn? Unicorns who frolic in meadows and bring happiness, light, and good to the world. Who? Well, that's the question of the hour, isn't it? I would just like to come out and say that we at Love/Hate are in SUPPORT of unicorns, and have no dealings with the fascists that would suppress and discriminate against the Unicorn, who has done nothing to them, other than create rainbows, butterflies and quite possibly Cheetos. Oh, they hate glitter too. They must be crushed.Katat0nik's Making memories dress -1L

Katat0nik has come out in support of unicorns as well, by creating this uniform of all of those who cry out in defense of the unicorn! Its sitting in the lobby of the Starlust Hotel just waiting for you to claim it and show off your Unicorn pride, because what better way to show your pride in Unicorns, than to wear a dress of Unis copulating to bring even MORE unicorns into the world. How do you haters like that!
Now, I'm not initiating hostilities, but, I am willing to blow you up if it comes to that. I'm totally and completely down with giving you an intimate meeting with my boyfriend, who will show you the meaning of pain. Maybe you should second guess your whole 'no unicorns' campaign. Just sayin'.

While I'm here, the boots are from a new shop named Entropy, loooots of boots, and a lucky chair, so I totally reccomend you check it out. And if you need a new boyfriend to help in the fight? I got mine from Sick, he's only 1850L.