Thursday, March 12, 2009

De La Fae!

I was informed recently of the De La Fae store item camps. I went and sat on the first one I saw, not really knowing what it was, but left for an hour to go play with my baby. When I came back I discovered I had received this:

Holy crap! Everything but the hair was in the package. Plus more. The skin, shape, feet, teeth, everything! I'm a crazy bunny girl! Weeee! Perfect for Easter, eh? Hahaha. I really think it's awesome. There were more item camps there too. The other one were for 30 minutes, so they might not be as elaborate, but worth checking out!

The pose if from KSCreations, part of one of the many 5L sets of poses. Go there and buy up tons of these, the poses are nice and cheap cheap cheap!

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