Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dolly Paradise

Lots of great new dolly releases over the past few days. Let's start off with this week's +++Blue Blood+++ release. 'Simone' is a darling set with lots of pieces, to allow you to really put your own spin on this set. I love how Ghanima throws the kitchen sink at you in terms of layer options, you could wear any of these pieces with other outfits, or add outside stuff to this set, or mix and match +++Blue Blood+++ sets. It's almost evil how much fun THAT can be.

Over at ~*{The Black Canary}*~ the lovely Morrigan released a new dress today that is modest, simple, but elegant as always. The perfect dress for summer, if you're brave enough to expose your skin to the light. All of these dresses are paired with the new Nantucket Spectator shoes from Surf Co. available at the Tableau Summer Sun event, this set in particular is a charity piece with 100% of profits going to The Center for Biological Diversity which is doing a lot of work to help animals affected by the oil spill in the gulf. GIVE LOTS GUYS!

Closing out the post is a new freebie dress from +++Blue Blood+++ if you're lucky enough to win at CLICK WARS >:O yes, it's back BUT ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS. So run down to +++Blue Blood+++'s main store and get to clicking, or you'll lose your chance to win this darling dress FOREVERRRRRRR. It's so cute, I love it. And I love Ghani. ILUGHANI.

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