Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The greatest designs of a past time

The Bacchanal has shown up once again hearkening back to a lost era, an era of discovery and proper society, looking forward to the future and whatever that might bring. A throw back to the world's fair circa 1900, brings us re-imaginings of what might have been, what could have been, and what can be yours for a limited time!

This month we have gorgeous skins, amazing clothes, exciting jewelry and more, at exceptional prices, starting at 13L as always. Sure to delight your spooky side, your sweet side, and your black belt shopper side. Stores involved include:

-Arsenic Lace
-+++Blue Blood+++
-Draconic Kiss
-Ticky Tacky

The Bacchanal will run until Saturday night, disappearing into the aether once again at the stroke of midnight. There is so much great stuff to be had, you can't miss it, you'll hate yourself for it. I'm totally not lying. In this post I'm highlighting a new participant, {Frick}'s offerings, which are NOT to be missed. Her gacha eyes are gorgeous, the skins are more than affordable and the dress has two skirts, and without, is perfect for a gratuitous butt shot \o/

Draconic Kiss 'Day at the Fair' dress(bluebell) - 113L
Draconic Kiss 'Skimmer hat'(bluebell) - 13L gacha (six colors)
{Frick} 'Le Exposition' skin (ghost) - 31L
Ticky Tacky "Le Reveur" bracelet (Silver, part of a set) - 113L

Another recurring designer is Draconic Kiss, bringing out lovely and proper Victorian style dresses, at a great price. And if you're lucky you'll find yourself with a matching hat from the gacha machine. I'll be showing off more goodies over the next few days, and more than likely tonight, so make sure to check back, or better yet, come see all this goodness for yourself... at The Bacchanal.

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