Monday, October 31, 2011

The Return of CStar (also featuring Rue)

CStar Limited is another skin store that has reopened this month after closing earlier this year for redesign.
Both the skin and dress in this post are lucky chairs/boards and I think they will be removed / switched over in the next couple of days so apologies for being so late on this one. x:

CStar operates a unique system. As well as having a permanent line of skins available, they offer limtied quanities of new make-ups.
The latest skins are very different to the last line. I think the shading and the tones are very different and I assume the bases are new but I'm not a skin expert. x: I think this has made the skins a little less recognisable but a lot more universal. I'd never been able to get these skins to work too well with my shape but the newest releases is very flattering on it. :3
The dress is from the lucky board at Hello World. It comes with a big witche's hat but I have replaced it with another set of Rue's Hallowe'en hunt horns. :3

I've only managed to grab pale, natural and bronzed so far. x: This is pale and bronzed. All the skins in this chair are transfer as are the limited editions so you can gift and trade them if you have duplicates. :3 If you don't manage to win these skins but are really itnerested in them, I think they'll be available for purchase in November.
My personal method of lucky chairs is to hop between them, either alternating the chairs or just popping in while I'm TPing somewhere else. I guess they're like people, they don't like being stared at. x: If you're on a V2 version of Second Life, you will have a favourties folder. Drop the lucky chairs you want to visit into that folder and the stores will show on an additional tool bar at the top to make hopping between them easier. :3

Another post or two later but for now I need to get ready to have my blood taken, no vampires required. I think I'd prefer the vampires though. ):


Skins + Eyes // CStar Limited // Lucky Chair
Horns // Rue // Hunt
Dress // Hello World // Group Lucky Board

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