Monday, October 31, 2011

The Return of Frick (featuring Rue)

Apologies for not blogging.
Complaints about computer.
Apologies for being late.
Excuses about needing money.
Apologies for general blandness but I like to explain. |:
And that's about the jist of it. x:

I've got a few posts for today. I've decided to split them up because I think it makes things easier to read. Unfortunately they're all pretty much ending tomorrow. x:
I'm expecting my image sizes to be all over the place, I knocked the camera a few times. x:

First off: Frick has reopened. :D This was a store I blogged a long time ago. I wore Frick almost exclusively around then. I've worn a few other brands and randoms since but I always like how my avatar looks in those skins and prefer them for some of my signature looks.

These skins and the outfit are from the reopening-Hallowe'en hunt. There are seven pumpkins containing two styles of dress and five skins (in freckled and non-freckled) priced at 1L each. If you're looking for last minute creepy skins and tattoos, Frick has several. :3
Rue is also another store I blogged way back who has also recently re-opened. She is currently part of the hunt on the Ctrl Shift H sim and is offering numerous horns in this colour. She also has exclusive Hallowe'en colour packs for all her horns at her mainstore for 75L each.
The horns are mod, which is why I'm missing the alpha layers on my hair in the second picture. x:

This was a quick shot to show you the set of freebie skins she has out too. I think the cocoa tone could probably benefit from recolouring however. x: I think the tone is a little too orange and the shading is a little bit green looking.
The eyes featured are a from The Sugar Garden's subscriber.


Skins // Frick // 1L Hunt / Freebies
Outfit // Frick // 1 L Hunt
Horns // Rue // Hunt
Eyes// The Sugar Garden // Subscriebr Gift

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