Thursday, October 2, 2008


Damn Wren! You're hot!

In the past two weeks an oldie but a goodie has re-emerged onto the SL clothing scene. A&S Designs is back, and they have something for just about everyone. They have some new designs, some hot dollarbies, and a pair of Lucky Chairs, one of which is filled with some adorable Halloween dresses. I couldn't help but pick up one of their new designs, the Panache lingerie, it's so sexy, and I love the detail on the back of the thigh-highs.

I got to meet the designers, and they told me they'd be releasing new designs as well as a new designer joining the team to bring in a more alt point of view to their designs. But they still have a lot of stuff to please both the preppy and the punk. This cute set totally appealed to my stompy side.

If you're heading out to one of the billion Jazz clubs that are on the grid, they also have some really pretty dresses. It's pretty *and* sassy, while I was taking pictures for this I got a couple of freakish messages informing me of my good looks.

There are absolutely piles of clothes through out the store, but there is an upstairs too, the stairs are hidden on the Left side of the room. Upstairs there are a lot of cute discounted dresses, underwear and other clothes, starting at 5L each, as well as a whole area of pre made avatar sets, which are totally reasonable considering everything that comes with them.

I totally adore stores who are generous to their clientel. I have an almost firm rule of only shopping with vendors who take care of their clients, offering freebies, dollarbies, or at least a lucky chair. I want to be able to get a feel for the product before I drop any amount of money, and once the quality is proven, I have no problem forking over the cash for my pretties. If you're like me, then you'll want to check this out. It's one of the two dollarbies at A&S designs and it is RIDICULOUS. This outfit is *so* gorgeous! I nearly fell over after I put it on. It's only 1L and it even comes with shoes. This is a serious strutting outfit, and I suggest you snatch it.

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