Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weeeee Hunts!

I love hunts. So much. The crazy hard hunts a few weeks ago tried to break my spirit, BUT THEY CAN'T! They may have been convoluted, overly hard, and had crappy presents, but I will persevere! Why? Because there are amazing hunts out there, and we all know this. It's why we march on, to hunt for that glowy and amazing item that makes all of the effort worth it. So there are a couple of hunts coming up. First of which starts tomorrow.

Owl's Bay - Treasure Hunt

To celebrate the Opening of Owl's Bay and of the "Once upon a time in China" event, we would like to invite you to participate in a treasure hunt.

Start Date: October 2nd - 02:00 PM PDT
End date: October 12th
Number of Chinese Hats: 14

Place: Owl's Bay

The hats will be spread all over the island and some have original gifts that are not for sale anywhere.

then, on the 11th, we have a hunt that is SURE to be amazing and fantastic, why? It's a Lemania hunt, and when aren't those amazing?


30 OUTFITS! Yes you heard me right :) I am going to plant 30 trick or treat bags around my sim with 30 outfits. These are not freebies or outfits just to give away - they will all be original for Halloween - new designs - new looks - a whole wardrobe. EVERY BAG WILL BE 1L ONLY! I will be posting the outfits on my blog as I can so you will know what you will be buying - :)

I WILL BE CLOSING THE SIM AND KICKING EVERYONE OUT ON OCTOBER 10th in the evening and the hunt will start around 8AM SL time on October 11th and last until November 1st. Then all the outfits will be available for 100L each in the Seasons Building.

-squeals with anticipation-

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