Friday, June 4, 2010


Today I am breaking a cardinal rule of my blog: NO UNDERBOOB.

Yeah. I have a lot of hate for the underboob, a lot. Like... so much. It's trashy. Gross, whorish, lots of things. But every now and then, it can work. It's pretty rare, and even now, it's questionable. All I can say about it is that this outfit is amazing, so I'm making an exception. A very, very RARE exception.

So when I first came across ROOTS, it was in the details of a Red Queen post. It was pretty obvious it was a side project of Ruth Quan, and now that it's straight up moved onto the same sim as Red Queen, there is eno question about it. The clothing is... wll. A lot of things. It's well made, unique, and very ...risque. To say the least. Check out my hot ass... and underboob. *wince*

Right now, you can get this complete set, with lots of layer options to make this even slinkier than it is already is. The textures are gorgeous, the pieces well made, there is nothing not to like about it, unless you like being more covered up. You'll find this set for free in the ROOTS in-world group. If you haven't checked out the shop, you should. Prices are a bit high, but there are some interesting pieces to integrate into your wardrobe, even if you aren't as risque as others might be.

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Narita said...

your buttwindow is horgeous