Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Edgy + Sweet

I had so much stuff left over from Jewelry fair that I didn't get to and I felt terrible about, including these gorgeous pieces from Bliensen + Maitai. I remember the first necklace I got from the shop, like over two years ago, as a dollarbie. I wore it SO MUCH, and have since always kept an eye on the jewelry there. Probably my favorite of the releases for jewelry fair was the Rustique set, a generous and affordable collection of edgy and fun jewelry. The set comes with bracelets and a collar, and in leather and metal. I love the rough hewn edges and the leather lacing.

If you're looking for something a little more romantic, you definitely need this necklace. La Belle et La Bete is one of the most beautifully sculpted pieces I've seen recently, and besides the beautiful craftsmanship, and textures, this necklace is scripted for color change. There are a pile of different colors available, not just for the flower, but for the claws as well.

There was also a pretty large release of painted shell jewelry that is gorgeous, two of my favorite shown below. I love that it's taken from such a unique perspective, with the tryptic necklace, and the lovely metal work. Bliensen + Maitai have a lot of really lovely new releases out that you should check out if you didn't have time to run jewelry fair.

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