Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fancy Chic

Hey! I kinda ran away for a little bit, I'd been sick, and had a lot going on for a few days there so I just needed a little time to myself, but I'm back, and I have an insane backlog of pretties to show you. We'll start today with the last two releases from ~*The Black Canary*~. When Morrigan dropped his last set on me, I about died from how perfect it was. I have no problem saying it is among the top he's designed. This is Sovereign Rose, and it COMES with that gorgeous crown and scepter. Eyepatch does not, though, that's just something else I had kicking around in my inventory.

Morrigan has been on a tear recently with making more period regal pieces lately. 'Providence' is another recent release that is lovely and sets a standard among ~*The Black Canary*~ pieces. It comes with two sleeve options and looks beautiful in a severe, restricted way, which is really the distinct opposite of Sovereign Rose. I look like I could be a villain in a Disney movie. Kind of awesome.

Taking a more full look at Sovereign Rose lets you see just how detailed and beautiful it is. I put it in and left it on... for a couple of days at least. Along with that new Elika hair, that literally everyone on the grid now has. But it worked, and these are sets definitely worth your consideration. The releases from ~*The Black Canary*~ are getting better and better, and I can't wait to see what's next.

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