Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Ello Poppets! :D

"Where have the Tricketts been? o:" You may ask. Well, I got sucked into an MMO for a while and didn't really log in properly for a few weeks or months, I don't really remember. x: Then I had some fun messing about with friends and then I had a completely different experience messing about with viewers, which all hate me. x: I'm currently contemplating downloading Viewer 2 because tattoo and alpha layers are great and Emergence isn't a very reliable rezzer...
Alternately you may ask "What is a Trickett?" which is a question without correct answer, really...

Today's post is brought to you by skins from Ello Poppet by Tala Swan and eyes from Esuga by Eilfie Sugarplum, both of which are participating in the Little Big Shop Event. :D
I was pretty happy with my Paint-happy pictures but I have to say Wren's last post is looking pretty awesome. (x

This skin and the eyes are a cheapy available at the Little Big Event Shop Event. The skin is priced at 10L and when you buy it you will also recieve a NC about a photo contest you can enter. :3 The eyes were designed by Esuga to match the full-price season-inspired skins available. There's four colours and they are 5L each untill the end of the event when they will be repriced in her store, which also sells skins you can find at the booth.
Once you're done in the Ello Poppet/Esuga booth you can hop outside and you'll find many other stalls. :3

I also thought I'd show you some of the freebies available at Ello Poppet's main store. These adorable card-deck skins are from the Mad Hatter's Hunt. There's also still a Hallowe'en Hunt prize out too and another 10L skin.
And as a final note, according to Tala's profile, the Ello Poppet store will only be on the grid until the end of November and after that all items will be moved to XStreet. Marketplace. That place, where they sell stuff and you don't have to leave your SLHouse/studio-platform/rabbit breeding empire. Her usual skins are very healthy-tanned with colourful make-ups so if you weren't so sure on the pale skins and the Fae skins, you can still give it a look in. :3

Eyes // Esuga at the Little Big Event // 5L, other colours available
Pink Fae Skin // Ello Poppet at the Little Big Event // 10L
Deck of Cards Skins // Ello Poppet // 0L, Mad Hatter Hunt prize

Edit: I screwed up the HTML somehow. Awesome. :D Hopefully I fixed it though. >.>

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Terry Toland said...

Oh my god, I love those skins! Thank you for sharing, Trickett! :)