Monday, October 6, 2008

Snow Land Mall

After frolicking around in Arrshu, I went outside. Before me laid a set of stairs that went down, down, down, and presented me with a pile of lucky chairs. "Ew crap lucky chairs." I Thought as I approached, but as I arrived and looked at the prizes to be won, I realized I was wrong. I was standing in Snow Land Mall, land of amazing little shops, a ridiculous amount of freebies, dollarbies and... PILES, and I do mean PILES of lucky chairs. Chairs are in front of almost every store and each one has something fantastic in it. From the lucky chairs, if you go left you will find a set of shelves with a collection of freebies from a lot of the shops, but you definately want to walk around and look at the shops themselves because not all of the freebies reside on those shelves. There are three levels to the mall, the top floor is a bunch of small shops, the second floor is largely encompassed by a bridal shop and chapel, with more shops and a club on the bottom floor. Take the time to explore this place, there is so much to find and buy, the prices are fantastic!

Free skins from Yabusaka!
-The hair is not free, it's from M&M and Eat Rice!-

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