Monday, July 27, 2009

after the flesh

There have been a pile of skin gifts in groups it seems like recently. Not that I'm complaining... not at all, hell Cupcakes could drop a skin gift daily and I doubt anyone would complain. But they did drop a skin gift last night from their new 'Enchanted' line. Meet Daisy, a skin apparently inspired from one of the best shows ever made 'Dead Like Me' Its available in the group notices, and the group is only 100L to join. Probably one of the best group join values around.

M&R Cupcakes 'Enchanted' Daisy skin - Group Gift (100L join fee)

My goddess Trin from -SinDecade- also dropped *another* skin from her new 'Fluke' line on the group the other day. This is more of a fun, summery skin. It's called, as you might imagine, 'Sunburn'. It looks like me after the first real week of summer -.- ouch. This skin is also available in the group notices, so grab it while you can!

-SinDecade- 'Fluke' sunburn skin - Group Gift

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