Saturday, January 17, 2009


Edit: Bland is no more :(

So I gots some good news and bad news. Good news or bad news first? Good news? Well, okay, Bland is having a sale! Bad news? It's a closing sale :( Dresses and most stuff in the front room is 50LOrient top - 25L

Shirts and stuff on the back wall are 25L for the most part, and there is some SUPER cute stuff to be had! I could have sworn I bought one of the sparkly dresses, but I couldn't find it in my inventory -.- oh well!
Bramble waist coat - 25L

I also love the "Subtle" dress, shown in the two pictures below. It makes me snicker. I'm so excited to finally get it, but totally sad that the store is going to be closing!
'Subtle' Dress - 50L

To be completely honest, I meant to blog this like a week ago, but I completely forgot, and I don't know how much longer the store is gonna be around for, so I'd reccomend you get down to Bland and take advantage of the prices and the product while you can!
'Subtle' Dress - 50L

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