Sunday, January 25, 2009

For all of your Hunting needs

Good morning!

I hope we're all having a good day, I was awoken a bit earlier than I intended, but the voice that woke me up was a voice I like to hear, so I know I'm having a good day. Today we have an exclusive and very short hunt at Zullay, only on until 1 pm SLT. I recommend the Sanu, Tiny Sim and at the very least the Eolande's leg of the Ohana isle hunt, which ends today as well! Have a good day guys!

DG Innovations - Still on as of Jan. 25th
Gorean Grid Wide - through Jan 31st
Japanseychellsland - Through Feb 8th
Lemania Princess Crystal Hunt
OC creations - Still on as of Jan. 25th
Ohana Isle - through the 25th
Persephone's Grove - Through Feb 5th
Petit Chou - Jan 30th through Feb 14th
Rayskin Hunt - on indefinitely
Rebel Hope -
RFyre - through the 25th (not free)
S&M designs - through the 28th
Sanu - Through Feb 20th
Sway - Feb 1st through the 15th
Talyia's Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Tiny Sim -Two new prizes!
Urban Shopper - through Feb 2nd
Vain Kissed Hunt - Starts Febuary 6th
Vel's Valentines Hunt - Through the 31st


Anonymous said...

Some hunts just are not for those of us with slow connections...

Thanks for the updates.

Where can I get on of the hunt object finder doodads lol

Wrenja said...

I know Lya has an object scanner, I believe its 200L.