Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skins and Stuffs

Ok, some oldies, some newbies, all funsies!

The butterflies are from MinaJunk and are available for 0L (also some other past freebies at Minajunk, like giant glass slippers for your house and a butterfly tattoo).

This skin below is the much hyped freebie from Cybernetic. It totally deserves the hype too because it is frickin' gorgeous. THE LIPS! Love. The cute little unisex hat is the mystery prize from Chicanery. There is a box that looks all plain, but buy it for 0L and receive this silly and nerdy-chic, awesome hat.

Lots of fun time love.

Note: I had to take down the skin link for the above post with butterflies. The skins is a full perm freebie being resold, and I can't post that. (Talking about the red lip skin, not the CYbernetic skin. As far as I know the Cybernetic skin is all good! :D )

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