Friday, January 30, 2009


This is getting a bit out of hand. Every time I hop over to Tigerclaw there is something NEW and usually FREE! The mind BOGGLES over all of the new awesome and free stuff that is there right now. SINCE my last post, how many days ago? Three?

Ugh *Falls over*

So when you land you'll see this awesome hover bike! Its only 10L ugh, and its fantastic, it doesn't fall into the water or anything as you can see! 10L! AHHH!

Once again you'll hit up the teleporter and go up to the house with the shelf of freebies. Instead of 4, you will now find like... NINETEEN. WTF. 19?! Yep, nineteen, all manner of toys, houses and other fun things.

Just when you thought the bunnies might be tapering off? HAH! Now you can have bunny options, OR you can be a mousie (in your face haters) :3 they are both so cute, I can hardly stand, and yes, you can wear clothes on top of them buahahaha. SLSecrets be DAMNED! Also, its somewhat good news for all the people who missed out on a bunny av!
you're also going to find a bunch of really cute, small houses, furniture, posing sets. I don't even know where to begin. I was totally lucky enough to meet the owner today when I was double checking my stuff before I posted, and Gon is adorable!
so yeah, go back to Tigerclaw, hell, you might as well just move in, cause its not like you have much of a choice. There will probably be something new tomorrow too... I dunno if I can keep this pace up! xd

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sileny said...

WOW. I am so going there as soon as I log on!!