Saturday, January 17, 2009

New from Domestic V!

So yesterday I was in search of a certain Miss Mairead Broek, for a highly classified reason, and I found her, at her brand new build for Domestic V! Brand new, you can even look here and see on her blog, she just made the announcement yesterday!

Anyway, I can be a bit shy, and despite how sweet she is, I was a little nervous, so I checked out the new shop first. You can't miss these boots, as they are hanging right in the door, and are only 1LHitch Hiker Boots - 1L

I love how detailed and stompy they are, mmm angry boots. To the right of the entrance is a wall with little gold stars that scream SALE! There are five or six skins over there for 10L each, how can you say no to that?

I also picked up a skin I didn't have this morning when I stopped by again, 'Extreme'. Last night it was 300L, today, it's 150L! I dunno what the occasion is, but hey, I planned on paying 300L for it today, and got a special treat, you can see it below. Even the teeth are fucked up when you smile, so hot! TIME FOR WAAAR >:D

Also, the 500th post gift will only be up until 9:30 pm(SLT) tonight! Don't forget to grab it, it's right under the new releases at Wretched Dollies, a little black box that says L/H!

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