Monday, January 19, 2009

Pips gone and lost his heart!

The lovely Sanura Sakai has been diligently working on her new main store for Sanu, and finally, it opened last night, with a hunt and two new lucky chair items! The monocle craze she's started on the grid cracks me up, and there are THREE new ones available to get for *free*. There are two in the lucky chair, including the one shown above, and another one with a moon on it instead of the star. So cute, I can hardly bear it, who knew monocles could be fashionable?But lets not forget the hunt. We open with a story of the poor bunny Pip, he's in love with a girl bunny, but she thinks he's only kidding and it breaks his poor little bunny heart :( We have to help Pip! Help him find the pieces of his heart and put them back together! Do you believe in faeries?? CLAP YOUR HANDS! Oh, wait, wrong story.
Anyway, each part of the story has a clue to the next spot to find a piece of poor Pip's heart. And then the final challenge! There is a final puzzle to solve, but the prize is arguably one of the best pieces to get. Are you as obsessed with Sanura's mouth bunnies as I am? I dunno how much I dropped to get the first full set. Slightly disturbing. But you get a special edition mouth bunny set for solving the last puzzle!
The hunt isn't easy, but its really not that hard either! And the prizes, well, god, look at them! They're gorgeous. Each piece of heart costs 1L, but please don't try to tell me you wouldn't drop 10L on a set this amazing. It comes with two sets of earrings, a monocle, a choker, two nose studs, a lip ring, and the bunnehs in the mouth! Hop to it(pun intended), you can get the hunt information to the right of the door at her new store!

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