Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cheer Full!

Yes, I am full of cheer for these cheering goodies! I hate sports so much (unless I am playing them on the Wii :P) but I know the Super Bowl is coming up, so I figured I would show you some cheerleading goodies!

At Reasonable Desires there are a whole bunch of different colors of cheerleading outfits for only 99L each. They come with the outfit as well as the pom poms and shoes.

And look! A cheer hud even too! It has tons of cute cheer moves in it, like the splits, back springs, cart wheels, etc. SO much fun!! They are all in the 99L or less room, which is worth checking out even if you don't want cheering items; there are gorgeously detailed showgirl items, lingerie set, bathing suits, masks, wings, costumes, and more.

And if you are not into football, but are into politics and sexy costumes, there is an Obama girl cheerleading outfit at Flashpoint fashions for only 1L for a limited time. Hop to it!

OH! And also, Striking Poses has super bowl pose sets in their group histiry (subscribo) notices as well as for the picks rewards!

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