Tuesday, January 27, 2009

who cares if its not Febuary yet

Tokeo Plastik has their Febuary gifts out. Two boxes, one full of clothes for 1L that anyone can buy, and the other box, for group members has the skin shown in the pictures, for 1L.
The clothes include a whole pile of T-Shirts, as well as a skirt, a pair of capris with bondage straps, and a pair of pants. There are also a whole pile of eyes to be had as well, I just couldn't take pictures of all of them right now xD
And for all those people bitching about how stores only give out the palest skin tone when giving out skins? THERE IS NO PALE SKIN TONE IN THIS PACKAGE ONLY TAN TO DARK. So stfu already. Whiners. You don't see me bitching that there isn't a pale skin tone in here, as much as I would have liked one. It's a nice skin though, and the dark tone is pretty dark.

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