Friday, January 30, 2009

oooh i has a lazy >.>

or its just that I'm totally overwhelmed with everything going on right now, its just been hard to sit down and get a post in! But here I am, here to give you the new hotness :O

There is a store I've been watching for awhile now, they have a couple of freebies in the store, but they always escaped me when I was sorting through my stuff to blog. This morning though, I got a note card informing me of a sale. 50% through Sunday, at Adore & Abhor.Nurse Grenade(White) -188L

It was totally exciting getting to go buy all the things I'd lusted over for so long! The prices were MORE than reasonable, and the quality? Well, god. Just LOOK at that naughty nurse up there. Not only is the set HOT, you can get it in black too. What makes it even better? It comes with TWO really nice skins. Not the one I'm wearing tho, you know how I am, can't get me out of Nomine, sorry!

I love me some Union Jack, and when I bought it, I thought I was only getting the top, but it came with pants and the belt too, hoooooot. There is also a dress version, that I considered getting, but this set struck my fancy.

Finally, probably some of the prettiest wings I've seen lately! They are color change to boot! I almost bought the the first time I saw them, but I'm glad that I held off, totally worth the L dropped! So yeah, Adore & Abhor is awesome, they're participating in the Saturday Bazaar, but their sale is lasting from now until sometime Sunday, so don't procrastinate!


sileny said...

/me looks at the nurse outfit and says "I smell some fetish pictures coming on!"


Wrenja said...

ahahahaomgiknow>< I had to struggle to just take pictures for the blog xD