Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nixie girls in black dresses

Parallel love has a freebie dress out in their location at the love soul mini mall. Its against the back wall, and is a lovely basic black dress, something every girl needs, whether you're a diva or an angsty goth kid.
Right next to the dress you'll find two pairs of eyes, kinda crazy fun eyes for 1L each. Kinda steampunkish (nixie clocks anyone?) kinda cyberpunk, any way you look at it these eyes definitely deserve a spot in your inventory, you never know when they'll be useful.

You can get them in both heart and star style, if only you could wear one of each eye together xD Maybe someday :D


Jezabell said...

Wren, u always find the coolest do you find all this stuff?

Wrenja said...

I get lucky! And I have some great people who give me tips. This time I just got lucky :D

Jezabell said...

well thanks for hooking us unlucky ones up with some of ur luckiness now and again. u rock!