Monday, January 19, 2009

Cheap Hairs Everywheres!

Ok, so I had about a million billion things to blog for you today, but Sl decided to not let me change clothes, TP, create slurls, or attach items. SO...yeah. BUT i did get a couple pictures taken before all that lame stuff. And they're decent too!

First up, Truth is having a sale. ALL of their hair is only 50L each and 300L for a fatpack. OMG! Don't I look like a flapper or something with this hair?

And this one makes me feel like a Greek goddess of some sort.

Second, Junwave has a new release hair that is only availble at 50L for a limited time! These tiny messy little ponytails so remind me of my youth. And by youth i mean like 3 years ago since I am only 26 :P The top is a group gift from M&R Cupcakes (TOTALLY worth joining, just pay 200L) and the necklace is a group gift from Magika. The bracelet is a gift from Tokeo Plastik, but unfortuneately you can't really see it. I will try to get a better pic later.

This hair is so rockstar it's awesome. And it is only 80L at Junwave. Did I mention how much i love Junwave? Because I do.

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