Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pop Feel New Item Camp!

Pop Feel has made me happy again by putting in brand new item camps! Oh how I love you Pop Feel.

Camp for 20 minutes in the cafe to get this cute slip dress! For another 20 minutes you can get some seam-backed lace stockings also. AND there are tons of cute wearable and animated food items in the camping cafe as well as a free animated hairbrush and "towel" outfit in the VIP spa area! Pop Feel is so good to us.

Know what? Even this picture was taken in the VIP lounge at Pop Feel using their texture change photo studio thingy.

Past group gifts, freebies and cheapies there as well.

The bracelets are by Earth Jewel and they were a gift at one point, but I wen there today and did not see them, so I think they are no longer free. There is a free chain link necklace in gold there though!

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