Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm Done

I'm sorry, but I have to edit this to speak.

As it is, has been, and probably always will be, content theft/borrowing/whatever is rampant among freebie bloggers, but we don't know if that's the case 99% of the time. There is rarely any way to prove such a thing, and generally its not worth getting upset about. There is always the next, the newer, and more fabulous no matter how irritated you were that your special find was thrown up on every blog in the land. We do break a lot of new content, but it's only inevitable that it will show up on other blogs eventually, whether it be that the bloggers are shiesty, just found a new store or stumbled upon it. We can't assume anything in that respect.

While we totally appreciate and love every last one of our readers (and my, there are a lot of you these days!) I feel at this point I have to ask that you not take it upon yourself to defend us or our content. We are more than capable, I promise you! I hope we can let this tiff die, and let both blogs thrive in peace, and I will do my best to help and convince Sileny to find her bearings and come back to the blog. Until then, be respectful and kind, and I dunno, love eachother, or something ;)

-end Wrenja edit.

Alright, after unwillingly being dragged into yet more drama (seriously, a big fat f*ck you to whoever started that shit) I am done blogging for a while. Maybe not forever, but for a long ass time. It made me literally start crying in RL this time and I can't handle it. I don't need SL making my RL suck. I have lost my joy of being in SL and blogging. I hope people that enjoy making rude, cruel, comments on blogs without knowing the whole situation first understand the impact they have on people. This is really just sad.

And to the people making these mean comments: fuck off and die.


Anonymous said...

hi there.. its really not fair what happend to you. freebie hunters (blog readers) forgot about respect. i hope you will show them your cold shoulder and will finding the fun lately back. maye you should disable comments so nobody can spam badly and in bad words to you. the one who love your postings - and i think there are some out there - dont will take this in wrong way. and even for them (!) you don't should go down.

many greetings
from me ( ^^ )

Anonymous said...

I have no clue what happened, but i am sure as hell gonna miss ur blogs!! Puhleaze don't go! =((

Hugz, Vicious

Wrenja said...

o.o well this was something to wake up to...

finding the filth said...

i too have no idea what happened, but please dont stop blogging or coming to sl.

when you are fabulous, there will always be bitches on the sidelines, ready to take aim at you. but never ever let the bitches get you down! if you do, the bitches win. and bitches never deserve to win ;)

stay fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you're hurting and I hope that tomorrow turns out brighter for you - noone deervesw this sort of crap!

people can be cruel and unthinking people can be brutally so... take care and keep that hed held up proud. <3

borggrrl said...

I'm so sorry that you've been hurt by the callous, immature behavior of others.

I don't even understand why the (bravely anonymous) poster had such an issue with a freebie showing up in two blogs. Who cares? All of you freebie bloggers are doing something that's extremely helpful to those of us who don't have a lot of money to spend in SL. I appreciate the work you put into this blog and am sorry that someone else used it to drag you into drama.

jenniewren writer said...

hmm.. i am one who is continuously out of the drama loop, so i always find out about this stuff after people have been hurt. I feel bad for everyone in this - everyone that is except for the sad individual who made such superfluous, sh*t-disturbing comments, and yet couldn't even find the courage to list his/her name. Really brave to attack an injure a whole whack of people, from behind a mask.

As for F*S and LilMiss bloggers, as someone who has just started writing a blog for the fun of it, I respect completely what you are doing. Almost 75% of the time, if not more, I get my inspiration from the things you have found, and I know that the goal, in the end, is to make SL a lot more fun for a lot of avis who would feel left out and leave otherwise.

I wish I could hug all you girls..

(I posted this on F*S and realised that it could maybe help over here too.. I'm sorry you got hurt by this sileny..)

Anonymous said...

Hi Wrenja,
I followed the posts in the fs blog but i didnt want to post anything, but when i hear you are stopping to blog i decided i needed to write something...

You shouldnt care what a person that is afraid to say his/her real name says... Ignore it and do your thing...

I read many freebies blogs and the fs one and yours are one of my favorites. I will really miss your blog for the time you make a break, but if it helps you, stop blogging for a while (but please, come back one day! :) )

Dont let sl influentiate your rl so much, its all a game.

Take care and many greetings from Germany,

Valleria Negulesco

Prudence said...

I think I can speak for all three of us when I say we appreciate the support in situations like this. We aren't going anywhere, at least the blog isn't, despite what rubbish hate people like to imply to our names. So don't worry Vallerie, we aren't going anywhere.

And on a personal note, it doesn't matter what other blogs, or their readers say or think about us. We don't care about numbers and whether or not someone likes us, the way we blog, or what we blog. We care about providing greats SL finds to those of you who do follow the blog, so for those of you sneaking in to see how we are taking more hate, hope you stick around to see our true content, if not, no loss nor fret.

Have a lovely weekend ya'll.

Wensledale said...

Sileny and Love/Hate bloggers,

I follow several SL freebie blogs and I always make sure to make a stop here. The posts that you guys provide are top quality and usually right in-line with my tastes. What would I do without your various skin posts, Sileny?

The internet can be a cruel place because people are not afraid of repercussions when they behave badly. It also seems to be the jerks who are the loudest. For every person who says rude things there are probably ten more who really appreciate you (even if they are silent). I hope you may find your passion in blogging again.

Bullet Jupiter said...

Wow... so one anonymous person has caused quiet a stir! This is a bit silly ladies, lets not feed this persons obvious anger issues. It seems Free*Style nor Love/Hate have bloggers have any problems with each other what-so-ever... so lets let this drama die. Someone from Love/Hate is even taking a break from blogging over this! Miss Anonymous... you have done nothing but hurt innocent people with your drama stirring tactics. I hope you are pleased with yourself and that it has made your, obviously self induced, intense life a bit more exciting. Please, realize peoples feelings are NOT a game and perhaps think twice before you hit enter next time. Oh, and maybe don't be such a chicken and stand behind your accusations by using your name, since you are so sure of your accusations. Perhaps, after you think about your actions, an apology to both parties will be your next move? We can only hope. As for the bloggers... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

Syn said...

I love both blogs, and I've always enjoyed Sileny's posts. :/ I understand a need to cut out something that's become unhealthy though. I only hope that after a break and a bit of de-stressing Silly'll come back to us. <3 Take care of yourself, and hopefully come to realize that Anonymous folks rarely have anything of value or substance to say.

Love love,

Sorrowburn Aeon said...

Anon is short for 'coward' these days; don't listen to a word any of them say!

It's just a good way to hide behind a fake name and take cheap shots when you don't have the balls to do it yourself...